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Enterprise aim

Enterprise aim
Creation, Service, Increment, Responsibility

Creation is our motivity; Service is our tenet;
Increment is our aim; Responsibility is our obligation


Business Principles
Responsibility, Respect, Determination

The key to success lies in how well all of us understand and apply the business principles:
- demonstrating personal, professional and corporate responsibility,
- showing respect for the views and needs of others
- applying our shared determination to win.


Service concept

We dedicate to providing perfect quality service and creating value for our customers while the company and our staff are realizing value in the process of fulfilling commitments to customers as well.


Characteristics of enterprise
For communication with supplier, we promote sharing of resources and openhearted with enthusiasm;
For success of customer, we mobilize all forces and try our best to provide help;
For maturity of enterprise, we take practical conception instead of formalism;


Faithful forever
Value the quality and promote the growth; make sure customer as the first beneficiary;
Persevere attitude towards perfect; never tolerate indiscipline and liberty;
Working with infinite style, always looking for the best idea and realize it without consider the origin.
Attach importance to global intelligence capital; utilize it by create diversification in work force;
Take revolution as chance of improvement;
Set up definite and distinct goals with customer as the core, keep renew it and improve it; create an environment with challenge, reward the progressive one and praise their achievements;
Maintain the infectious passion to customers forever


Our customers are spread all over:
West China